Affiliations and partnerships

Jeffcote Donnison LLP

A firm of tax advisers and business consultants, located at offices in Mayfair, London and have been providing a comprehensive range of services to private and business clients for over 25 years.

There are 6 partners based at the London Office. They include 2 chartered tax advisors, 3 chartered certified accountants and a lawyer. All the partners have extensive experience in tax, audit and accounting and corporate and commercial work, having been in practice for many years.

Jeffcote Donnison (Overseas) limited – (JDO)

The company was established in 1996 and is situated in the financial centre of Douglas, Isle of Man.

Two Isle of Man resident directors run the company, Dennis McGurgan and Anna Mazzilli, assisted by corporate and trust consultants. The company is licensed by the Financial Services Commission in the Isle of Man and is subject to full regulatory control for compliance and anti-money laundering practices.

The clients of Jeffcote Donnison (Overseas) Limited are mainly foreign nationals and foreign residents who use the Isle of Man as a base for establishing companies and trusts engaged in international business and investment.

In addition to providing services as a corporate service provider, JDO is able to call on the services of a wide range of professional service providers, banks, brokers etc. for the benefit of its clients.

Through Jeffcote Donnison Accounting Ltd, clients are provided with bookkeeping and accounting services.


This company was established in 2003 as an associated company of Jeffcote Donnison LLP and Jeffcote Donnison (Overseas) Limited. The company has an executive director, Christophe Sierro who works with a staff of consultants. JD-IF acts as a Corporate Service Provider in Geneva, setting up and running companies and foundations for overseas clients. These structures are used for international trading, as holding structures for real estate or portfolio investment or for wealth creation and protection and international estate tax planning.

The company’s offices are located in the centre of Geneva and clients of the company come from all business sectors and include many nationalities. JD-IF is authorised as a financial intermediary operating under the direct supervision of the Federal Department of Finance in Switzerland. The company is subject to full compliance and anti-money laundering controls and verification.

JD-IF has been able to establish excellent banking relationships with major international banks based in Switzerland, thanks to its association with Infinum Partners SA which is an associated company and shareholder of JD-IF. Infinum Partners SA, which was founded by Christophe Sierro, is able to provide clients with independent consultancy services on all banking matters including investment portfolios. JD-IF has privileged relationships at the highest level with a number of leading international banks.

JD-IF can assist clients in the opening and operation of bank accounts and can provide ongoing advice on estate tax planning and act as administrators for all the bank accounts for a particular client.

JD – Infinum Asia – (JDIA)

Established in 2012 in Hong Kong, JDIA is associated with JDIF and provides corporate services to clients seeking to establish a presence in Asia.

It is a base for establishing and maintaining Hong Kong resident companies and companies in other jurisdictions. These companies may be carrying on international business or may be investment vehicles.
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