Business in Transition

If you are preparing your business to be sold or handed over to your successor(s), Slaven Jeffcote can help you prepare your accounts. There are many proven benefits of well prepared accounts and financial reports during any transition period in a business life-cycle.

These may include:

  •  A collaborative approach to planning your finances
  • Minimizes taxes at the point of selling your business
  • Positions your company to fully realize its strengths and opportunities
  • Due diligence reports to accurately report on the true value of your business
  • Focuses you on what purchasers are looking for in your type of business
  • Demonstrable proof that the business will run profitably without the owner

From your accountant to your legal team or banker, you require a team who will work closely with you to ensure the smooth transition period for your business.  We are experienced at working collaboratively with other experts to manage your financial affairs. When a buyer sees that your written business transition plan includes all the “what if” scenarios and that you have laid out a smooth path for him/her to take over the business, his/her level of confidence is enhanced.

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